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The services you need will vary depending on your company’s situation. For foreign companies, please see here.

Our Services How we can help you
Corporate income tax return filing All Japanese companies must file corporate tax returns every year. Foreign companies also do if they meet certain conditions.
We will not only prepare and submit the tax return, but also make suggestions to minimize the tax amount and risk according to your situation, including the application of various tax preferential treatment.
Consumption tax return filing In principle, all businesses other than those exempt from consumption tax must file annually. You can also choose to file monthly or quarterly instead of annually.
Even if you are exempt from consumption tax return, there are cases where it is advantageous to choose to file one, and there are also options for the tax calculattion method.
As such, when it comes to consumption tax, the various choices you make are just as important as filing the return itself. We will make the best suggestions to suit your situation.
Tax payment support In Japan, there are several ways to pay taxes. For corporations, we recommend “direct payment,” which is the easiest payment method, and we will also support you in applying for it. However, for newly established corporations and foreign corporations that do not have a Japanese bank account, we will provide the most appropriate tax payment support for each case.
Accounting bookkeeping Tax returns are prepared based on accounting books. Of course, they also serve as the basis for important management decisions.
Therefore, preparing accurate accounting books is extremely important. We provide bookkeeping services with an eye toward preparing tax returns and contributing to management decision-making.
Monthly advisory Even if you have your own bookkeeper, during your daily bookkeeping tasks, you may want to consult with someone about accounting or taxes or check the results of your bookkeeping.
In such cases, we recommend a monthly advisory contract. We will be a partner who understands your business, at a more reasonable rate than hourly charges.
Payroll If a company pays salaries to its directors and employees, it needs to calculate withholding tax and social insurance every month. It also needs to settle withholding tax at the end of the year and handle various procedures associated with employees joining and leaving the company.
You can leave all of this to us.
Reporting package There are many cases where you need to package and report monthly financial statements and their details to a parent company overseas.
In such cases, we will create your consolidated package in the format specified by the parent company, adjusting and reclassifying accounting standards if necessary.

When we provide these services, the amount of work required varies greatly depending on the situation of each client, so we provide custom-made fee estimates.

How do we determine service fees? What are the parameters?

Sales scale

Generally, the larger the sales scale, the more transactions there are, and the higher the probability of complex accounting and tax issues arising. That’s why most accounting firms, including ours, charge different rates depending on the client’s sales amount.

Your type of business

The fee will vary depending on your industry, the complexity of the transaction, etc. For example, the following companies are likely to be charged additional fees.

  • Many transactions involve buying and selling fixed assets, including real estate.
  • Many import and export transactions.

Tax status

Even if two companies are in the same industry and have similar sales volumes, for example, the amount of effort required for accounting bookkeepings and tax return filings will differ depending on whether they adopt standard or simplified consumption tax.

Service mix

Each service is organically integrated. For example, when looking at the preparation of tax returns, the amount of effort required to prepare a tax return is completely different for clients who use our bookkeeping services and those who do not. This is because monthly bookkeeping services allow us to understand the company’s transactions in advance, but if we do not keep your books, we will have to start by reviewing your books. Therefore, if you use multiple types of services together, the unit price of each service will be lower.

Service fee example (fictional case)

Below are just fictional cases to give you an idea of ​​the level of our price estimates. We can handle any size business in any industry. For a detailed quote, please contact us as it will be custom-made.

Example 1 : Alice corporation

Company Overview
Industry Import and sale of electronic devices
Approx. annual sales 1 billion yen
Number of people 1 directors and 7 employees
Consumption tax exempt No
Financial and accounting stuff One employee records the books using the company’s accounting software, and there are no major issues with routine tasks, but there are frequent questions about how to process slightly irregular transactions.
Management report Monthly reporting for a consolidated package to its parent company overseas is required, and the company does not have the manpower to handle the task.
Contracted services Price (excluding tax)
Monthly book review and advisory 30,000 yen per month
Reporting package for consolidation purposes (Prepared by us using the format created by the parent company) 50,000 yen per month
Annual tax return 300,000 yen per month

Example 2 : Bob corporation

Company Overview
Industry Export of automotive related product
Appx annual sales 500 million yen
Number of people 2 directors and 3 employees
Consumption tax exempt No
Financial and accounting stuff One employee handles payment processing, but no one does accounting and bookkeeping.
Contracted services Price (excluding tax)
Monthly bookkeeping 50,000 yen per month
Payroll (5 people) 25,000 yen per month
Quarterly consumption tax return 50,000 yen per quarter
Annual corporate income tax return 250,000 yen per year

Example 3 : Charly corporation

Company Overview
Industry Software development
Appx annual sales 30 million yen
Number of people 1 director only
Consumption tax exempt No
Financial and accounting stuff The director books his own accounting using cloud accounting software. He also calculates withholding tax and performs year-end adjustments himself using the cloud-based software.
Contracted services Price (excluding tax)
Annual tax return including accounting book review 200,000 yen per month

Quotation and Contract Flow

Please contact us using the inquiry form to describe your situation and the services you require. We will review it and ask any additional questions necessary to prepare a quotation.

During this process, if it is difficult to give you a fixed-price quote smoothly, such as if the situation is complex and it will take time to confirm your tax status, or if your business plan is uncertain and you would like us to do a tax simulation, we may recommend a paid consultation first.

Once we have prepared a quote and you have agreed, we will prepare a contract, which both parties will sign electronically to begin work. Since there is no need to stamp paper, the contract procedure is very smooth.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us
by phone or by filling out the inquiry form below.

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